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Easy Book Clip holds the pages of your book open and allows your book to stand on its own.

Holds the pages of your book open and allows your book to stand on its own.



Insert the EZ Book Clip between the pages of your book

Insert the EZ Book Clip between the pages of your book - with the legs behind about 25 pages on both sides of the spine - and the crosspiece in front, holding the pages open.



The EZ BOOK CLIP saves your place whether your book is opened or closed.

Saves your place whether your book is opened or closed. What other book mark will do that?

is the indispensable book holder. Friends and family were thrilled to receive them as gifts! Every reader we know has one! Husband Jim and wife Rita use theirs all the time (as do all our friends and relatives). Rita uses it when cooking; Jim uses it out in his workshop; we both use them while eating (sometimes we like to talk, but most times we like to read). It works with all types of reading material:

  • hardbacks,

  • paperbacks,

  • sheet music,

  • craft books,

  • cookbooks,

  • magazines and more...

  • large and small.

Avid readers will appreciate its simplicity and ease of use. This lightweight book clip keeps your book open so that it can stand up by itself.

  • It's a page holder

  • It's a book stand

  • It's a bookmark ...

  • It's three things in one!

No more laying other books or objects on the edge of your pages to keep your book open! No more losing your place when you put your book down.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry in pocket or clipped as a bookmark.
  • Made of steel - for strength and durability you can count on.
  • Measures approximately 3" wide by 3" tall.

Unique design for hands-free reading

  • Strong wire clip keeps the pages of your book open.
  • Frees your hands for eating, studying, writing, cooking or just relaxing.
  • Makes it more comfortable to read while traveling or reclining - use anywhere.
  • Reduces stress on wrists and hands.
  • Works with paperback and hardbound books - large and small.

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is the PERFECT Accessory
for ANYONE who Reads

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Use The EZ BOOK CLIP in your workshop

Look, there's Jim using The EZ BOOK CLIP in his workshop to keep his hands free for working with tools.

Don't let the small size fool you. This book clip holds your book open so it can stand by itself. It's a book holder, a book stand, and a bookmark.

Use the EZ BOOK CLIP in the kitchen

In Rita's kitchen, she keeps her cook book open with the EZ BOOK CLIP so she can see easily see the recipe.

When she's through cooking, she just tucks it in a drawer until the next time. Or use any time when reading for comfortable hands-free reading.

Hardback or paperback, the EZ BOOK CLIP works will all books

And here's Jim keeping his book open and pages held in one place as he sips his Pepsi with his other hand.

The EZ BOOK CLIP works with paperback and hardbound books - large and small. Or just about any reading material you have.

Easy Book Clip at work

When people see you using the EZ BOOK CLIP, they'll say:

"That's really neat!"
"Where did you get that?"
"I'd like to get one of those."

Be sure to order enough for all your reading needs!

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for anyone who reads


  • "I love the book clips. I use them when I'm on the treadmill and it's the only book clip that has worked well for me." - Beaverton, OR

  • "I heard about the book clip on a knitting email group - that it worked well for holding up the book while the hands were free for knitting. It works great for me - I can do my reading for school, and the knitting actually helps me concentrate more. I think they're brilliant!" - Antioch, CA

  • "My friend has some severe health challenges, and she says it's the first time she's been able to hold a book to read in several years. Keep up the good work!" - Rochester, NY

  • "This is really a super little invention. I have found it especially useful in holding open my paperback cookbooks because regardless of how many pages in the book it does its job just fine." - Albuquerque, NM

  • "They are fantastic. Who would have thought that a little wire bent around a shaper jig would work so great. My hands would go to sleep or ache from trying to hold a paperback open. Now I don't have to. They work great on hardbacks also! I could not believe how quickly I received the clips. Thank you for a super experience!" - Tyler, TX



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